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Jennifer Silverman

Actress, Voice Actress, Singer

Jen Silverman


“Hey I do VO and this is crazy~”


Jen Silverman is an actress/voice actress who has been residing in NYC her whole life. She always knew she wanted to pursue something in the performing arts, and ultimately fell in love with Voice Acting, which was a natural fit for Jen. She loves the freedom and flexibility voice acting offers in order to play so many different types of characters and roles. Some of her specialties include young boy voices, comedic, inspirational, sultry, soothing, hypnotic, and goofy. Jen Silverman’s favorite roles to voice are in Anime and Visual novels, and she also can be found at conventions up and down the East Coast Cosplaying them!

After recently losing both her Mother and Uncle to Covid-19 in March/April 2020, her passion has only become stronger, not only for them, but for herself as well. She plans on using that passion so her voice can be heard (check out her DEMOS!) 

Previous Theater roles include LeFou in Beauty and the Beast Margot in Legally Blonde, Leaf in Spelling Bee, Birdgirl in Seussical, and Amber in Hairspray. Jen earned her Bachelor’s Degree with honors in theater from Queens College in 2013! Follow more of her journey on Instagram (@JenSilv_VO )and Twitter (@JSilv_VO)

Jen also likes to sing, shop, to be with her friends, and her cat Duncan. 




Commercial DemoJennifer Silverman
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Character DemoJennifer Silverman
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Click HERE to Download DEMO's and Resume!!

Anime Song Demo


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"I want to thank Jen for voicing the character in my visual novel game called Angelic Waves.

Her vocal performance for Ayame was friendly and great for her. She delivers some happy and sad tones onto her lines in some parts as the story for her role.

But overall, I enjoyed listening and editing the lines to choose and code because I had the adequate time doing my best to make the game better than before when Jen around.


Let’s hope that we could work on more projects in the future because Jen has been a nice voice actress to me.    "


Jahmel/Jaygee -  Bus Arrows Studios 

Jahmel/Jaygee - Bus Arrow Studios 

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