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Jennifer Silverman

Height: 5"4   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Phone: (917)-843-2091
Location: Queens, NY 


Hello Fresh 
Dixit - Dixit Board Game 
PlayShifu - Tacto Chess Interactive Game
SiloFilms/Zuru- PuppyCorns Version 2
Mine Your Business - Boardgame
Aritzia - Internal/Corporate
Metabolic Living - Protein Powder (Ongoing)


Magic Mixies - Parlo (Tribe Audio)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens - Asana Mutsuba (Konami Cross Media)

Vertigo Games (ATF)- Blonde Girl (Voice)
Judgement Games - Eternal Champions (Ista Goddess)
Lilith Games - Rise of Kingdoms (Fong), (Joan of Arc)
Lilith Games - AFK Arena (Spoiled Girl)
Lilith Games - Dislyte Announcer

Acorn Dentistry 

WatchMojo/MsMojo - Top 10/20 Lists Pop Culture (Ongoing)

Mobile Games: 
Capcom & Nebula Joy - Devil May Cry Peak of Combat (Lady/Mary, Nevan)

Marvel - NDA 
Aisno Games - Path to Nowhere (NPC's - Bonnie, Passerby, Female Student)
Tap4Fun - SeaBattle Pirate Game (Commander Anna 2021)
Tap4Fun - Bernie 

Tap4Fun- War Game (Anna)
Elephant Games - GT 21 (Corey Hicks, Claire Hicks); Evil Rapunzel
Lillith Games - Art of Conquest (Avril (Christmas Skin) )

Visual Novels:

Kattbox Studios- UberQuest  (Claire O'Conel/Rosalyn 2019

Foxxy and Wolfy - (Yakira Shafir 2019)

Video Games:
Softstar Ent- Richman 11 (XiaoMei)
Konami Cross Media - Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Dawn of the Battle Royale! (Asana Mutsuba)
Konami Cross Media - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (Sora Perse)
Genshin Impact - Sudabeh, other NPC's 

Indie Video Games:
Daydream Studios - Project Daydream - (Jethara,Nina)
Gin Studios- Killer Gin (Announcer (F) )
Static City Games - Chronicle (Tetraknight Aqua) 2020-2021
BusArrowStudios - Angelic Waves (Ayame Kawasaki 2021), Necroswipe (Natalie) 
Project Kawasaki - Dear Mom: My Letter To You (Ayame Kawasaki)
Storysight Studios - Archmage Legacy (Delilah)
ystery Object Game - Princess

Student Projects: 
Moorevision (Tessa) 
SenpEYES Puppet Show (Pink Katie)

Children's AudioBooks:
FOSTOQ Children's Books (Iran)
The Cat And Mouse
Jolly the Little Lazy Cow
h and Bunny
The Smart Donkey
The Arrogant Rose
Tom and the Two Sister Tortoises 

Tutorials/ How To's
Voice for Antellope Valley University Tutorial 
CareCredit - It's That Easy! 
MCM Media - Inside BMI (Metabolic

NSLS Leadership Goals 



JC Players |  Young Frankenstein|   2023 |   Igor

JC Players |  Seussical  |   2022 |   Sour Kangaroo

JC Players |   Beauty and the Beast  |   2019 |   LeFou

JC Players |  Legally Blonde   |   2018 |   Margot

JC Players   |   1776  |   2017|   Samuel Chase

Marathon Players   |   25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee   |   2015 |   Leaf ConeyBear

Marathon Players   |  Legally Blonde   |   2014|  Margot

Marathon Players |   Hairspray   |   2013  |  Amber Von Tussle

Education& VO Training

Edge Studios |   Animation

Queens College |   Bachelors in Theater (2013)


VO Training:

Commercial -
Shelly Sheno

Jen Sukup Roberts (Hyperbolic)

Edge Studios: 
Animation - Jay Snyder 

Singing - Carolee Goodgold 
Reading Copy Audition - David Goldberg
Video Games - Neil Kaplan
Animation Audition Workshop - Joanne Boreham 

Actors on Site (As Promoted by Voice Actors of NYC) - Everett Oliver, Anna Garduno, Carin Gilfrey, Carolee Goodgold

Actors Connection:

Paul Liberti - Animation; (Video Games; Accents
Darren Dunstan - Advanced Animation/ADR
Lisa Fischoff - Commercial Audition
Pam Goldman -Animation
Heather Dame- Animation
Allie Lieber- DDO Project reads
Liam Farrell- Atlas Animation

Abacus Entertainment:
Rachel Slotky (Anime Workshop)
Zach Betka (Video Game Workshop)
Emma Romasco (Anime Workshop)
Andrea Toiyas- (Video Game/Blizzard Workshop)

Ace Studios

Wendee Lee- ADR

Tony Oliver- Advanced Animation
Mike Haimoto - Anime and Video Games
Amber Lee Connors - Anime and Video Games

Chris Sabat- Animation 
Mami Okada - Anime Auditions 
Jennifer Trujillo - Disney Animation
Eric Stuart - Anime/Animation 

Strawberry Hill Studios
Brianna Knickerbocker - Anime and Video Game Reads
Casey Mongillo and Kira Buckland - Anime and Video Game Reads
David Soboov - Unleashing Your Inner Villain
Marissa Lenti: Anime and Video Games

Acting & Voice Studios:
Billy Collura
Andy Roth- Commercial, Animation
Sarah Sherman - Pixar and Animation

Arielle Negrin, Liam Farell- Atlas Talent, Agent
Jason Sasportis- Stewart Talent Agent

The Halp Network:
Melissa Grillo - Video Games

AiVA (Adventures In Voice Acting)
Tony Oliver- Advanced ADR Workshop
Dorah Fine- Advanced ADR Workshop 

Hyperbolic Audio (Shut Up and Talk):
Lisa Ortiz - Anime/Animation

Misc/One on Ones:
Debra Sperling - Authenticity in Voice Over
Erica Schroeder & Jennifer Sukup (Animation Workshop/ Audition)
Jonathan Pitts - Improv, Advanced Improv
Steve Tardio - Animation/ADR
Cassandra Morris- Anime Workshop/Partner Reads
Chris Rager - Anime/Video Game Intensive (Guest Directors: Leah Clark, Tyler Walker, Ci
aran Strange)
Brent Mukai - Auditioning for Commercials
Sara Secora - Video Games
Sarah Jane Sherman - Animation Training
Marin Miller - Training

Crispin Freeman - Voice Acting Mastery
Erin Lundquist - Training

Special Skills

Accents (Russian, British, American Southern, Irish, Australian and more), Singing (Range: Mezzo - Soprano), Martial Arts (Aikido GreenBelt), Script Writing, Communication, Cosplay, Teacher's Assistant, Typing 60+ wpm

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